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2014 NFL iPhone Wallpapers

By on August 12, 2014

For those of you that have been following NFLRT for some time, you have seen the progression of NFL edits come a long way. Last year the schedule wallpapers for desktop computers were a big hit along with the iPhone wallpapers. This year, we got off to a fast start and combined the two to make 2014 NFL iPhone Schedule Wallpapers as soon as the schedule was released.

With the nature of our phones being used much more than our computers, we are going to skip the computer wallpapers altogether so more time can be focused into getting your favorite NFL player on a wallpaper that fits your cell phone.

Don’t be scared off because these are labeled as iPhone wallpapers; they fit most standard smart phones.

To save from site to phone: long-press (hold down) on the image and open in browser, long press and save image to phone




The newest NFL wallpapers for your phone will be posted here as they are completed.




The following are 2013 versions that are still relevant for the upcoming season:

Aaron Rdgers iPhone 5 HDR

AJ Green iPhone 5 HDR

Andrew Luck iPhone 5 HDR

Brandon Marshall iPhone 5 HDR

Calvin Johnson iPhone 5 HDR

Cam Newton iPhone 5 HDR

Dez iPhone HDR

Darren McFadden iPhone HDR

Colin Kaepernck iPhone 5 HDR

CJ Spiller iPhone HDR

Geno Smith iPhone HDR

Jason Witten iPhone HDR

Julio Jones iPhone HDR

Larry Fitzgerald iPhone HDR

LeSean McCoy iPhone HDR

Peyton Manning iPhone HDR

Phillip Rivers iPhone HDR

RG3 iPhone HDR

Sam Bradford iPhone HDR

Tom Brady iPhone HDR

Von Miller iPhone 5 HDR

Ziggy Ansah iPhone HDR

Ray Rice iPhone HDR

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