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2015 NFL Schedule Wallpapers

By on September 8, 2015

To download: Make sure you are using your phone browser, click the images or links below each image and when it loads in full size, long-press (tap and hold) the image until the menu pops up and select ‘save image’. May require positioning to your liking.

Colored weeks indicate AWAY games.

*Update: Reddit user /u/dbeat has created 2015 NFL Schedule Wallpapers that need to be shared and have been added to this post so that fans have multiple choices. We are striving to one day be able to provide high quality NFL content as dbeat has done for a few years with these stadium schedule wallpapers.

AFC East


Buffalo Bills

 Bills Schedule 2015

04 - Bills - iPhone

Miami Dolphins

 Dolphins Schedule 2015

13 - Dolphins - iPhone

New England Patriots

 Patriots Schedule 2015

22 - Patriots - iPhone

New York Jets

Jets Schedule 2015

18 - Jets - iPhone

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