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1-Minute 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

By on December 8, 2016

Don’t let his 2016 tape fool you, this is one of the best running back prospects since Adrian Peterson in 2007…even better than Ezekiel Elliott.

Leonard Fournette is a grown man, and he plays like it.

He’s one of the few players that should be able to apply for early eligibility to enter the NFL Draft so that he could have skipped this college season and entered the draft last year. Fortunately, Fournette made it through this mandatory college season with only a few scratches.

Fournette has been compared to Adrian Peterson and Earl Campbell because of the physicality he runs with, but Fournette has a speed aspect that neither Peterson now Campbell had.

If there is room for improvement in his game, you could argue that he’s not a natural catcher of the football, but that’s nitpicking a bit.

My biggest issue with Leonard Fournette is how he allowed the Alabama defense to contain him every time they needed him to dominate. You can argue that his offensive line is not as good as the Bama defense, but that’s the closest thing to an NFL defense that he faced in college and I would’ve like to have seen him rise to the occasion.

Leonard Fournette should thank the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott for reminding the rest of the league how important having a lead running back can be for your team. A team like the Panthers would be a great fit him to land in a similar scenario to Zeke: Good team/Bad year/High draft pick.

Although, Fournette could go as high as the Jaguars and shouldn’t fall past the Colts.

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