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2018 NFL Week 1 Predictions | Pick’em Challenge

By on August 30, 2018

Join me this season in picking NFL games each week:

Falcons @ Eagles 

It’s not often that I’m willing to pick against the defending Super Bowl champions in the NFL kickoff game. The  hype surrounding this game for the home team is typically too much for the visitors,  and while the Eagles might come out on fire,  the key players that won’t be playing in this game for them might just be too much for them to overcome over the course of four quarters.  I’m picking the Falcons in the upset.

Texans @ Patriots 

As  much as I’d like to predict the demise of the patriots starting in week one of the 2018 NFL season,  I just can’t. Listen,  I love Deshaun Watson as much as the next guy, in fact I have him on multiple fantasy teams this year,  but he hasn’t played a real NFL game a while and it took a miraculous performance from Watson last year just to lose a close game. I couldn’t find the stat, but maybe one of you know it… Bill Belichick has an extremely dominant record coaching against quarterbacks for the second time.  I think that he shuts down the Texans offense enough for the Patriots to start the season off with a win.

Jaguars @ Giants 

In the Tom Coughlin Bowl, I see the Giants being pretty motivated to get their season off on the right foot. There’s actually still a ton of players on this roster that were there when he was still the Head Coach, but I don’t think that that gives the Giants an advantage. For as great as people are talking up this Giants offense, the Jaguars defense has already proved their elite status in this league. I think they suffocate Eli early one and the Jaguars win.

49ers @ Vikings 

Jimmy Garoppolo has yet to lose a game in the NFL. Last season he beat that elite defense we were just talking about in Jacksonville, but they were making that West Coast road trip and looked sluggish. This Vikings defense has Super Bowl aspirations and Pro Bowl potential talent at every level. I think it’s a wake-up call for Jimmy G and the 49ers and the Vikings win.

Buccaneers @ Saints 

For those of you that have seen my 2018 predictions video, you already know that I think the Buccaneers are not  going to be very good this year while the Saints probably are. Let’s not waste any more time here, Saints win this easy.

Titans @ Dolphins 

The Titans and Dolphins are both teams that are not getting  the respect they probably deserve this year, not to put them on the same level as each other because one team is clearly better than the other IMO,  but both may surprise some people this year. I think it’s crucial for the Titans to get off to a good start in the division and Derek Henry has a huge day running the ball. Titans win.

Bills @ Ravens 

I’m  going to be honest with you, this game has the potential to be very boring. These two teams are going to primarily feature their defenses all season long and it might take a little while  for their offenses  to get going.  I do believe that we see a rebirth of Joe Flacco this year,  so I’m giving the nod to the Ravens here.

Steelers @ Browns 

So maybe I am drinking too much of the Hard Knocks Kool-Aid,  but this is my upset special of the week.  I think that Le’Veon Bell’s absence make the Steelers offense a little sluggish and the Browns are going to come out on fire this year to prove they’re not the same old Browns. I’m sure they get exposed later in the season and lose double digit games, but this is their Super Bowl. Browns Win.

Bengals @ Colts 

I might have underrated the Bengals in the 2018 predictions. I’m just not sold on Andy Dalton bouncing back even though he’s got all the weapons a ginger could dream of. However,  it’s gonna take a little while for Andrew luck to shake all that rust and this defense is just gonna be too good for the Colts to overcome.  Bengals win.

Chiefs @ Chargers 

Patrick Mahomes  does not have an easy task for his first game as the Chiefs starting quarterback. Personally, I think the  Chargers defense is going to be ferocious this year.  I picked Joey Bosa as  defensive of player the year and Derwin James as defensive rookie of the year, so I am all-in on the Chargers defense. The Chiefs are definitely an intriguing team to watch this year, but this is not their week. Chargers win.

Seahawks @ Broncos 

This Super Bowl 50 rematch is an ugly fall for these teams in only 3 years and I think both are going to be disappointments to their fan bases this year. The Broncos defense is going to keep them in a a lot of games, while Case Keenum tries just not to lose them. Teams are not in football shape enough as is it in week 1, but playing in Mile High is going to be too much for a Seahawks offense that may struggle to find an identity outside of relying on Russell Wilson magic this year. Broncos win.

Redskins @ Cardinals 

In a game that is going to feature some underrated defenses, Adrian Peterson gets somewhat of a revenge game on the Cardinals. I’m still pretty sure he signed with the Saints in the offseason last year just because he wanted a chance at the Vikings in Week 1, but this year he just got lucky that an ex-team is featured in week 1 of the Redskins schedule because nobody else was in search of his services. I still think AP can contribute, but he will likely fizzle out after a couple good performances because he just doesn’t have the stamina he used to. I give him at least a good game in Week 1 and he’s the difference. Redskins win.

Cowboys @ Panthers 

The Panthers should be a pretty good team this year. I’m a big fan of the Norv Turner addition, but the Panthers offensive line should be the difference here. The Cowboys defensive line is an underrated unit and Matt Khalil could be hosting Randy Gregory’s coming out party. Cowboys win.

Bears @ Packers 

The Bears offense is another unit that could surprise some people this year with how much progress they make now that John Fox doesn’t have them playing like as the 1960s anymore. This game has potential to be a shootout and a really exciting week one matchup for Sunday Night Football. As excited as Bears fans should be for their new offense, Packers fans should be even more excited because I believe the richest NFL player ever is about to have an MVP season and it starts in prime time.  Packers win.

Jets @ Lions 

While there’s a bunch of great divisional matchups in week one,  Monday Night Football features two cross-conference match ups and I don’t really understand why. At least we get to see Sam Darnold in his first ever start against the defense that I think is going to be struggling to learn Matt Patricia’s new scheme. There’s potential for this to be a high-scoring matchup, and if that ends up being the case I’ll give the nod to the veteran Matt Stafford. Lions win.

Rams @ Raiders 

In the West Coast Monday Night Football matchup we have two teams headed in very different directions. The Rams are all in on a Super Bowl run this year, while the Raiders are looking to maintain relevance before their move to Las Vegas.  I think their handling of Khalil Mack is ridiculous and will cost them a few games this season, including this one.  Rams win.

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