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2019 NFL Mock Draft

By on May 2, 2018

The paint is barely dry on the new rookies locker nameplates, but while we’re still in mock season form, here’s an early look at my Way-Too-Early 2019 NFL Mock Draft.

The order is loosely based on my predictions for the 2018 season because just using the same order as the 2018 draft is too boring and too easy and I can’t wait to see how riled up some of you get because I think your team is going to suck this year. With the Browns on the come up, it’s actually pretty difficult to pick who the worst teams in the league will be in 2018, so I used a Vegas Sports Book to help set the early picks.

Remember, this is mostly a watch list for the 2018 college football season. Every year is different and my initial impression is that this as an absolute legendary defensive line class, while the QB class isn’t nearly as exciting as the previous one, but the OT class is much improved.

1 Bills – Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
The Bills are going to go through some growing pains with their new QB situation, but they end up getting the best defensive prospect in years in Ed Oliver.

2 Bengals – Shea Patterson, QB, Michigan
If the Bengals fall apart this season, there’s going to be a complete facelift in Cincinnati and that will start with replacing Andy Dalton.

3 Broncos – Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
Turns out that Case Keenum wasn’t as good as the Broncos thought he was and the Broncos have another chance to find a franchise QB.

4 Dolphins – Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern
Ryan Tannehill isn’t the same after his torn ACL and the Dolphins are a year behind the Bills and Jets in their search for a franchise QB.

5 Ravens – Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson
The final year of Joe Flacco ends poorly, but give the Ravens a chance to load up with a solid draft class to start the Lamar Jackson era with quality talent.

6 Cardinals – Trey Adams, OT, Washington
With the Cardinals franchise QB in place with Josh Rosen, it’s time to secure a franchise LT like Trey Adams.

7 Browns – Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State
The Browns regret passing on Bradley Chubb and select the next Bosa brother.

8 Jets – A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss
The Jets have their franchise QB in Sam Darnold and now they need to get him some more weapons like AJ Brown.

9 Redskins – Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
Turns out that Alex Smith needs the Chiefs weapons to be productive, so the Redskins draft their future QB.

10 Giants – Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn
I still think the Giants royally f’d up but not picking a franchise QB with the 2nd overall pick. Eli’s washed up and they’re going to waste a year or two of Saquon Barkley looking for their next QB.

11 Colts – Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson
Christian Wilkins could’ve been a 1st round pick in the 2018 draft, so the Colts grab the interior 4-3 anchor.

12 Buccaneers – Cameron Smith, LB, USC
Cameron Smith is another guy I thought should’ve come out in 2018. The Bucs continues to build up their defense to keep up with their offense.

13 Seahawks – Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama
Seahawks are going to get Russell Wilson killed without some OL help. I still can’t believe they ignored it for a RB again.

14 Chiefs – Devin White, LB, LSU
The Chiefs spent big money on Anthony Hitchens, but still need LB help.

15 Bears – Rashan Gary, DE/DT, Michigan
Rashan Gary would be a great young piece for the Bears defensive line to upgrade from Jonathan Bullard.

16 Lions – Raekwon Davis, DE/DT, Alabama
The Lions defense is missing interior defensive talent. Raekwon Davis is a versatile defender that I think Patricia would like.

17 Panthers – Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson
Julius Peppers has finally retired and the Panthers are going to need some pass rush help.

18 Raiders – Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
The Raiders had a weird draft this year and their secondary still needs some impact CBs.

19 49ers – Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami
Jimmy G performed well, but the lack of a #1 WR showed up over the course of 16-games.

20 Jaguars – Tyrie Cleveland, WR, Florida
Blake Bortles actually didn’t completely suck, so the Jaguars reward him with a new toy.

21 Chargers –  David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin
The Chargers OL is much improved, but a new OT completes the unit. QB could also be an option if Rivers is starting to decline.

22 Packers – Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky
The Packers have neglected ILB long enough and grab the better Josh Allen.

23 Titans – DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia
Malcolm Butler was not as impressive in his 1st season as the Titans had hoped for and they add another CB.

24 Vikings –  Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State
Sheldon Richardson is a 1-and-done player and Harrison Phillips isn’t providing enough pass rush, so the Vikings revolving door at DT continues.

25 Packers (via Saints) – Joe Jackson, DE, Miami
The Packers use their 2nd 1st round pick to add more EDGE rush with Clay Matthews a year closer to retirement.

26 Patriots – Nick Fitzgerald, QB, Mississippi State
Tom Brady’s skills are starting to diminish and they grab the future franchise QB.

27 Eagles – Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma
The Eagles let Jay Ajayi walk in FA and draft the next workhorse RB.

28 Cowboys – Collin Johnson, WR, Texas
The running game only takes the Cowboys so far so they grab a big WR1 to replace Dez’s production.

29 Texans – Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss
The Texans OL had Deshaun Watson running for his life and they can’t risk losing him.

30 Falcons – Connor McGovern, G, Penn State
With Julio Jones and Matt Ryan getting older, the Falcons shift towards more of a run first offense and select some interior help.

31 Steelers – Bryce Love, RB, Stanford
Le’Veon Bell takes the Steelers all the way to the Super Bowl, but leaves Pittsburgh in FA after a bitter loss, so the Steelers have to replace him.

32 Rams – Taylor Rapp, S, Washington
The Rams have won the Super Bowl and can take whoever tf they want. Taylor Rapp just happens to be a good safety and the Rams didn’t want to franchise tag Lamarcus Joyner a 2nd season in a row.


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