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About @NFLRT

@NFLRT was started in 2011 to provide NFL fans a platform for their best tweets to be seen on Twitter.  The account has helped fans  connect with other fans, gain recognition for their hard work, interact with verified NFL players, and it even reunited family members across the country who had lost contact.

I used unique strategies to build my account with the crucial help of some great people I met on Twitter (you know who you are). 

During the 2nd season (2012), the #NFLRTAvatarCompetition became a way for fans to declare their fanbase the best on Twitter. The fans would recruit new followers of their team to join the NFLRT audience each week and the winning team was rewarded with the default picture representing their team. This competition lasted 20 weeks with the #BillsMafia movement growing parallel to NFLRT. The Bills Mafia were 3-time winners and likely could’ve been 6 time winners, but a rule was made to prevent back-to-back weekly winners. Cowboys and 49ers fans won twice and the following teams won once: Falcons, Saints, Dolphins, Steelers, Redskins, Titans, Texans, Raiders, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bears, Lions, & Ravens.

Sorry Browns & Jaguars fans…

After the 20th week of the competition, the 2012 NFL season was a few weeks underway and the competition moved towards recognizing the best individual performance of the week. The performance Torrey Smith put on after mourning the loss of his little brother was the first to be recognized as the #NFLRTPOTW.

Ravens Torrey Smith Avatar


The Colts and their #CHUCKSTRONG performance after Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer was also recognized that season.

You can see all the winning avatars from the 2012 season at the old NFLRT blogspot page, as well as the progression of my ability to create original artwork with Photoshop.

With my change in jobs prior to the 2013 season, the #NFLRTPOTW was not continued to focus more on providing great NFL content. However, there is potential for the competition to make a comeback in 2014 to take advantage of the header that Twitter has implemented…

I believe in progression and as Twitter grows, so will @NFLRT.

@NFLRT expanded to Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and even Google+ in 2013. I waited three years to develop a web site to focus on quality content rather than spreading myself too thin at once.

I will continue to provide humor, stats, and analysis all over the internet with now as a homebase.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not affiliated with the National Football League and I don’t own any of the original images, videos, etc. Any media I modify is done strictly for personal use. Feel free to use my images for your own personal use.

As you can see, I’m just a regular guy from Virginia, who is obsessed with the NFL, and has a passion for social media.

So please don’t fine me, Roger Goodell. was opened on February 23, 2014




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