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Alternate Madden 16 Covers

By on August 19, 2015

The Alternate Madden 16 Covers are here! Some of you may be familiar with the Madden 15 editions, but this year’s versions are even better with a few special edition covers!

Keep in mind these are for entertainment purposes only (typically for rival fans) and not to be taken too seriously! And please remember to share with your friends that have a sense of humor.


Roger Goodell Dictator EditionGoodell Madden 16

No one is happier about football being back than Roger Goodell. Now the focus is off of him and his dictatorship and back to the game we all love!

Left Shark EditionLeft Shark Madden 16

The real Super Bowl XLIX MVP.

Graphic via David Lam

SpongeBob Sports Edition
SpongeBob Madden 16

Go follow this awesome new Twitter account @SpongeBobSports

 AFC East


Buffalo BillsBills Madden 16

The Bills still haven’t recovered from their best chance at a Super Bowl victory after Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal in Super Bowl

Miami DolphinsDolphins Madden 16

The real star in Miami is the Dolphins First Lady, Lauren Tannehill.

New England PatriotsPatriots Madden 16

#DeflateGate. Enough has been said about this already, so let’s move on.

New York JetsJets Madden 16

Coming soon to a circus near you: Geno & the Jets!

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