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Which team is the best fit for DeSean Jackson?

By on March 24, 2014



Vote here for who you think should make a move for the wide receiver.




We asked the question on Twitter and found a lot of great teams for him. These are a few of the best responses:

DeSean Jackson could be released if a team can’t agree to a restructured deal. His $10M for 2014 is too high right now, but with the 49ers he would be the perfect compliment to Boldin and Crabtree.


The Vick-Jackson connection is there and the Jets paid good money for a #2 WR in Eric Decker. If they are serious about improving the offense and increasing the playmakers, they should be at the front of the line trying to acquire DeSean Jackson.


The Eagles have a history of diva wide receivers and it appears that DeSean Jackson needs an attitude adjustment. Whoever is interested in adding him to their team needs to do a background check and see why the Eagles are trying to move him.


Simple and to the point; the Bills need more than Stevie Johnson and CJ Spiller for EJ Manuel to be successful. DeSean Jackson and Stevie Johnson might be too much charisma at wide receiver for Manuel’s progression.


The Panthers have already moved their own diva wide receiver this off-season in Steve Smith. Jackson appears to be a solid option after missing out on many of the free agent WRs, but the Panthers organization has already stated they are not interested in adding DeSean Jackson.


Adding DeSean Jackson would greatly improve the likelihood for success for whoever the Browns start at QB in 2014. Josh Gordon solidified himself as a top-10 WR last year and Jackson could be the deep threat to open up even more underneath routes for Gordon.


The Patriots need to find a way to give Tom Brady some playmakers for the final years of his HOF career. At the right price, this could be another signature Belichick reclamation project of a player with questionable character and unquestionable talent.


Andy Reid took the chance on Jackson in the 2nd round and it paid off greatly for him. He doesn’t have the greatest history of picking WRs in the NFL Draft, so re-acquiring Jackson seems like a good fit for the Chiefs opposite of Dwayne Bowe.


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Makes sense to those watching on Sunday’s, but something behind closed doors is forcing the Eagles hand and they appear content going into the 2014 NFL Season with Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin as their starting WRs.


Recently acquired QB Matt Schaub would definitely approve of the move to get deep-threat DeSean Jackson. His success with Texans featured him throwing to Andre Johnson and handing off to Arian Foster, and the Raiders don’t have playmakers of that caliber. It’s important to find proven playmakers wherever the Raiders can.


Chargers WR Keenan Allen was impressive as a 2013 rookie and adding another outside threat could help prevent him hitting a sophomore slump and keeping up with the high octane offenses in Denver and Kansas City.


The Rams could get DeSean Jackson and then hold an auction for the #2 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft for a team that wants Sammy Watkins. Or they could just use that #2 pick to select him and have a player with a similar skill set without the baggage and mileage of DeSean Jackson.

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