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Top Rated Players by Position in Madden 15

By on August 5, 2014

EA Sports has released the Madden 15 ratings for the top players in the NFL.

Madden Ratings Czar @Donny_Moore works really hard to keep the players’ rating as accurate to their real life counterparts. Once the season starts, the ratings never stay the same and will be slightly adjusted & updated on a weekly basis by Donny Moore.

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madden-ratings-manningBroncos QB Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has been a top-5 QB in Madden for over a decade. After throwing for 55 TDs in 2013, his rating in Madden 15 is no different. Although, Manning’s THP (Throw Power) has dropped considerably to an 86 rating, which is going to make him a risky player in user vs user games if he can’t hit the deep throws to Demaryius Thomas.


Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

The injury that cost Rodgers a majority of his 2013 season didn’t cost him in his Madden 15 rating. With 80 SPD (Speed) and 94 THP, Rodgers is still the best Madden QBs in the game. His THP combined with 90 Deep THA (Throw Accuracy) makes him a Madden 15 stud.


Saints QB Drew Brees

Brees is one of the best QBs in the NFL, but his Deep THA has dropped to 81 in Madden 15 after a down year by Brees-standards. He’ll still kill you on quick slants and outs with the fast release and elite accuracy on short throws.


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Wilson being the 4th highest rated QB is part of the annual Super Bowl Effect in Madden. Each year, the Super Bowl winners are ridiculously overrated and dominant in the following years’ Madden. While the Seahawks were already stacked in Madden 25 (2014), the Madden 15 version could be unstoppable with Russell Wilson contributing a consistent pass and option attack. Wilson has 86 SPD and 90 ACC (Acceleration) to go with 93 THP and 89 Deep THA.


Patriots QB Tom Brady

While Patriots fans will be outraged that Brady has fallen to 93 OVR, the overall rating means nothing for when he still has 99 AWR (Awareness) to go with his 93 THP and 94 THA.

The only reason to be reluctant to use pocket QBs in Madden 15 is the trend of the option attack taking over in last year’s Madden 25. Without the threat of running, it’s become much easier to sit back and attack the QB and force errant throws to intercept.

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