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Top 5 Teams to Rebuild in Madden 19 CFM

By on July 26, 2018

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Top 5 Teams to Rebuild in Madden 19 CFM


5 – Ravens

The Ravens have been an awful team to start up a franchise with for years because of that Joe Flacco contract leaving the Ravens with a huge cap penalty if you cut/traded him. With the drafting of Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are ready for an offensive revival in 2018, at least in Madden.

Cap Space: $59M est.

Offensive Centerpiece: QB Lamar Jackson – With 91 SPD/93 ACC/95 AGI/ 94 THP, you’re looking at the next Mike Vick of Madden in his rookie form. In M18, they finally made it easier to take off with your QB and scramble and that is still present in the beta of M19, making it the perfect time for Lamar Jackson to jump into the game.

Defensive Centerpiece: MLB CJ Mosley – Mosley is already an established presence on the defensive side of the ball and has the ideal size/speed combo you want from a user MLB.

Sleeper Player: TE Mark Andrews – Most people are going to be thinking of 1st round TE Hayden Hurst as the starting TE for the Ravens, and IRL that’s probably the case, but Mark Andrews is the clearly the better Madden rookie for sure. He’s got more SPD and ACC than Hurst and he’s only 21 compared to the old man Hurst coming in at 25 years old.

Trade Bait: WR Breshad Perriman – Perriman was a hot commodity in CFMs a few years ago because he was the fastest player in the game as a rookie WR. That seems like ages ago, but he’s still only 24 and has 95 SPD & 92 ACC. Somebody is going to overpay for a 74 OVR WR that drops the ball and is too injury prone to rely on.

Keep in mind, I play in 32-user leagues, so the trade bait is mostly based on trading with other users rather than robbing the CPU.

4 – Bills

The Bills might’ve made the playoffs in 2017, but don’t get it twisted: they are definitely in rebuild mode in 2018. They’ve hit the reset button on offense and now need a lot of help at WR and OL. They’ve got an aging woman beater at RB too. And a rookie QB, but that rookie QB is the lone piece that makes this offense desirable to start a CFM with.

Cap Space: $73M est

Offensive Centerpiece: QB Josh Allen – As pessimistic as I was towards Josh Allen in the draft process, I always said he would be a Madden QB I’d love to trade for. The 99 THP and 81 SPD are the main attributes I’m looking at with him. For those who like to keep their QB in the pocket for the most part, like myself, Josh Allen is the prototype you look for in the draft. 98 THP is a dream, but pair that with his ability to move around a little and he’s going to be a deep bomb nightmare for defenses. The problem is that the Bills don’t have a single WR with more than 91 SPD.

Defensive Centerpiece: MLB Tremaine Edmunds – Tremaine Edmunds was a draft crush of mine and I still can’t believe he fell so far in the 1st round. He’s a guy that could play any position on defense and still make an impact. At 6’5” with 87 SPD, he’s going to be hard to throw by when usered in the middle of the field.

Sleeper Player: LE Shaq Lawson – People have already forgotten about Shaq Lawson, but he’s developed into a Madden Monster for the past two Maddens and I think he’s still got the right attributes to be a big time contributor in M19.

Trade Bait: WR Kelvin Benjamin – Kelvin Benjamin might be a hard sell with his 85 SPD, but his fools-gold catching stats alone should find a buyer and the $4.5M cap relief means you should take whatever you can instead of re-signing him.

3 – 49ers

The 49ers are going to be a trendy pick this year by every analyst and their grandma, so it makes sense that their Madden counterpart is equally appealing. The Jimmy G era is here and with some solid young pieces around him, it’s only going to take a season or two to get this team to develop into a contender.

Cap Space:$34M est.

Offensive Centerpiece: QB Jimmy Garoppolo  – Jimmy G is older than I would like for a QB centerpiece for my offense at 26 y/o, but with his new contract, you’re basically married to him as your starting QB in this game similarly to the way Ravens fans have been married to Flacco for the last few seasons. So you’re definitely going to want to make sure you develop him into a better Madden player than Flacco.

Defensive Centerpiece: MLB Reuben Foster – 83 SPD seems a little slow for Foster, but with his smaller frame and high pursuit he seems to get around the field much faster than his peers, making him a great young user MLB prospect. Not to mention his 91 hit power is going to make the nerfed hit stick a little easier to deal with this year.

Sleeper Player: FS Tarvarius Moore – Moore was a player I loved in the draft due to his measurables and they certainly translated into his Madden form. The rookie is 6’2”, 22 years old with 94 SPD/93 ACC & 91 JMP. The mental attributes like awareness and play recognition are obviously low due to his status 3rd round rookie, but if you utilize the FS as your user on defense, he’d be an ideal candidate to start on day 1.

Trade Bait: HB Jerick McKinnon – Not often is a free agent addition a good trade candidate because I personally hate taking the cap penalty, but due to a unique structuring of his contract, moving Jerick McKinnon saves $6.3M with only a $2M hit and the return you could get for him is pretty high. M18 sleeper Matt Breida makes McKinnon expendable, but you could also argue that McKinnon is a better offensive centerpiece than Garoppolo. It’s up to

2 – Bears

Da Bears had one of the best offseason’s in recent memory and grabbed some of my favorite free agents on the market for their offense and then added some nice pieces through the draft also. The offensive line is a few pieces away from being a really good young unit, so develop Mitch Trubisky and it’s going to be a really nice offense.

Cap Space: $39M est.

Offensive Centerpiece: WR Allen Robinson – For the sake of switching it up and the fact that I’m not a huge fan, I’m going to skip Mitch Trubisky as the offensive centerpiece for the Bears and give that title to Allen Robinson. He’s always been a beast in Madden and expect that to continue since Bears fans are going to be familiar with this kind of big target at WR. Also, the RB situation is a tricky one and based on their OVRs, people are going to pick the RB based on their preferred style of play, but Allen Robinson is going to be your go-to guy in the passing game regardless.

Defensive Centerpiece: MLB Roquan Smith – I’m a big believer in manually ushering the MLB if you can’t tell, and this year Roquan Smith is the guy I would try and trade for in every single league. He’s only 21 years old with Superstar development and comes with 89 SPD and 91 ACC right out of the box. They were also generous with his height and made him 6’1”, so he’s going to be a beast.

Sleeper Player: ROLB Leonard Floyd – This was a tough team to find a sleeper for, but Leonard Floyd is still such a beast to develop because he is another guy that could play any position on defense and make an impact. He loses a little value as a big, cheesy user MLB with Roquan around now, but you could potentially switch back and forth when Floyd isn’t rushing the passer.

Trade Bait: HB Jordan Howard/HB Tarik Cohen

So the initial rosters in the M19 beta had Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen both at 83 OVR, but Howard got a boost to 85 OVR in the launch ratings. These two actually form a perfect thunder & lighting duo, but I’m trying to develop one and get him to the Pro Bowl and win RB of the year and so on. Without that XP from awards, you’ll have two above average RBs instead of one great one. Depending on your play style, I would pick one and trade the other one for assets. Personally, I’m keeping Jordan Howard as an every down back and focusing my offense around him if I’m playing with the Bears. If the Bears weren’t stacked at WR, I’d say keep Cohen and play him in the new SLWR position in the depth chart and get him the ball in open field with easy crossing routes.

1 – Browns

The Browns have been the ultimate challenge at rebuilding in Madden for like 5 years, but they have finally built up enough talent to warrant a legitimate attempt at this. While their best top two rated players, Myles Garrett & Jarvis Landry are only 88/87 OVR, the rest of the roster is primed for some quick development.

Cap Space: $24M est

Offensive Centerpiece: QB Baker Mayfield – Baker Mayfield got a generous 95 THP to go along with his 81 SPD. This is going to be one of the more fun QBs to play with in M19 because the new QB attributes are all really high for a rookie, such as 88 Throw under Pressure and 86 Break Sack.

Defensive Centerpiece: DE Myles Garrett – If I’m doing a fantasy draft in Madden this year, Myles Garrett is the first guy I’m taking, regardless of where I’m picking. Still only 22 years old, this guy is set up to go from 88 to 99 in two seasons and he’s going to be unblockable.

Sleeper Player: WR Antonio Callaway – Antonio Callway is going to make you want to trade away Corey Coleman. They’re basically the same guy, but Callaway has a clean rookie slate to build on at 21 years old. At 5’11” 197lbs, his 92 SPD/93ACC make him an ideal slot WR as a rookie that could potentially serve as a deep threat with a little development.

Trade Bait: QB Tyrod Taylor QBs are always in high demand and Tyrod Taylor is going to be collecting dust as a backup. This is Madden and not real life so you’re not wasting Baker Mayfield’s rookie season by sitting him like they will IRL, so move him while he’s young-ish and get some picks for him.


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