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History of the Madden Curse

By on June 24, 2015

Madden 2001 – Eddie GeorgeEddie George - EA Sports Bob Rosato Bill Frakes

The Madden Curse can strike when you least expect it.

Eddie George actually had his best statistical season during his tenure as the Madden Cover Boy (1,962 total yards, 16 total TDs) as the Titans fed him the ball for career high 453 times that year. George ran out of gas at the end of the season and cost his team a divisional playoff game against the Ravens that season when he bobbled the ball right into Ray Lewis’ hands in the 4th quarter.

While he fought nagging injuries for 4 more seasons (3 w/ Titans; 1 w/ Cowboys), George was never able to average more than 3.4 YPC again.

Madden 2002 – Daunte CulpepperDaunte Culpepper - EA Sports Ezra Shaw

Culpepper earned the Madden cover after one season as a starter for the Vikings, but he struggled with injuries and consistency after receiving this “honor.” An eventual ACL, PCL, & MCL tear ruined his knee and he was never able to regain the MVP form he displayed previously.

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