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History of the Madden Curse

By on June 24, 2015


Madden 11 – Drew Breesimages (3)

When EA Sports decided to stick with the individual cover boy, Drew Brees managed to sneak by with the lightest treatment of any Madden Curse victim, thus far. Although he threw for a career-worst 22 interceptions and there are rumors he played with a slight tear in his knee, Brees would tell you the worst part of the year was being 11-point favorites in the playoffs and losing in one of the biggest playoff upsets in NFL history.

Madden 12 – Peyton HillisMadden_12_official_cover

Browns fans took over the first Madden Cover Vote ever and voted breakout running back, Peyton Hillis, as the next cover boy. Hillis missed 6 games with strep throat and hamstring injuries while fighting with Browns management for a new contract. Anonymous Browns sources said that Hillis was not the same positive inspiration he was the previous year and that his personality in the locker room changed completely from one year to the next.

Madden –  16   Players – 0

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One Comment

  1. j. thomas

    July 25, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    some of these dont consist of madden curses. Calvin Johnson was not effected clearly he played through the season and he broke (and tied) records. if he didnt tell everyone that he hurt himself no one would’ve known

    and Richard Sherman MADE IT TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! how is that a curse. a debatable play call to win the game is not a madden curse effect neither was that shoulder injury he still played like richard sherman throughout the season

    thats at least 2 points for players

    drew brees, Larry fitzgerald are debatable

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