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Man vs Madden 2016 Weekly NFL Pick’em

By on October 6, 2016

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Last week I was unable to get a video posted, but I’m still going to track the progress here each week. I apologize for not having the video ready in time, but as some of you may know my wife and I had a baby this summer and I’m struggling to find the time for extra NFL stuff because I’m just loving the time with my little one right now. Thanks for keeping up and being patient with me as I manage my time with this season.

Week 4:

Man 11-4      Madden 10-5

Season to date:

Man 32-31     Madden 32-31

Week 5 Man vs (Madden) picks

Cardinals @ 49ers – The Cardinals were my Super Bowl pick before the season started. They’ve been one of the bigger disappointments of the season so far and this week they’re coming off a loss to the Rams and Carson Palmer might not play. Drew Stanton will get the start in that scenario and I still believe in their team having elite talent. I’m picking the Cardinals (Cardinals)

Texans @ Vikings – The Vikings have to be one of the biggest surprises this year. They’ve lost their starting QB and RB to injuries and turned Sam Bradford into an MVP candidate. The Texans offense has been impressive, but they aren’t in the same league with the Vikings defense. I’m picking the Vikings (Texans)

Bears @ Colts – The Colts are another team in which I was drinking the Kool-Aid before the season, but I got off that bandwagon quickly and even picked against them in London against the Jaguars last week. The Bears showed some fight last week, but I still can’t pick them and think the Colts have to get this thing back on track against a weak Bears team. I’m picking the Colts (Colts)

Jets @ Steelers – The Steelers got Le’Veon Bell back last week and demolished the Chiefs. Meanwhile Ryan Fitzpatrick is trying to break the single season interception record. I’m picking the Steelers (Steelers)

Titans @ Dolphins – The Dolphins got embarrassed on TNF last week, but at home against a struggling Titans I think they manage to squeak out a win. I’m picking the Dolphins (Dolphins)

Eagles @ Lions – The Lions have been a tough team to gauge this year, but the Eagles have been another early surprise. One thing being overlooked in Wentz mania is that the Eagles have one of the best defenses in the league. I’m picking the Eagles (Eagles)

Patriots @ Browns – Oh dear. The Browns really are about to get thrashed by the Patriots. Tom Brady is back and the Browns are feeling like they have to beat the opposing team ANNND the refs. I’m picking the Patriots (Patriots)

Redskins @ Ravens – The Redskins haven’t looked very good while the Ravens lost a close battle between two of the better teams in the AFC. I’m picking the Ravens (Ravens)

Falcons @ Broncos – Don’t chase the Matt Ryan fantasy points from when he threw for 500 yards against the Panthers. This Broncos secondary will slow down Julio Jones. I’m picking the Broncos (Falcons)

Chargers @ Raiders – Even if I thought the Chargers would have a lead in the 4th quarter, you know they’d just blow it anyways. This Chargers team is a mess and the Raiders are one of the most exciting teams in the league right now. I’m picking the Raiders (Chargers)

Bengals @ Cowboys – Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot have breathed life into the Dallas Cowboys after they were pretty much left for dead after the injury to Tony Romo. The Cowboys haven’t seen a complete team like the Bengals yet and with injuries to key players, especially LT Tyron Smith, I think it’s probably time for them to come back down to Earth. I’m pick the Bengals (Cowboys)

Bills @ Rams – The Bills and Rams are both coming off wins that no one expected, but one coach will probably be more complacent this week than the win last week and his name rhymes with Lex Lyon. I’m picking the Rams (Rams)

Giants @ Packers – The Vikings made the Giants offense look really bad, but the Packers defense isn’t nearly as good. This game could be a shootout, but coming off the bye week I’m picking the Packers (Giants)

Buccaneers @ Panthers – The Buccaneers did not look good against the Broncos and were swallowed up by their defense. This week they play the other team from SB 50, but their defense isn’t as good as it was last year, evidenced by the 500 passing yards they gave up to Matt Ryan. However bad they played last week, I think it was a humbling experience. I’m picking the Panthers (Buccaneers)

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