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Man vs Madden 2016 Weekly NFL Pick’em

By on October 6, 2016

My picks for Week 2 (10-6) were better than my picks for Week 1 (5-11), but I still trail Madden overall (Man: 15-17; Madden: 18-14). Neither record is all that great, but I am confident that I have now seen the teams for who they are and will gain the advantage in Week 3!


My Week 3 winners are in BOLD and Madden’s picks are in (Parentheses).

Texans @ Patriots – The Patriots will likely be starting Jacoby Brissett at quarterback this week with WR Julian Edelman serving as the back up. So far Belichick has been working his magic for the Patriots in their 2-0 start, but I think it’s time to fall back to earth a little bit and Bill O’Brien comes back to New England to get a win for his surging Texans. I’m picking the Texans (Patriots) ❌

Cardinals @ Bills – The Cardinals rebounded last week while Rex Ryan was busy firing a scapegoat in his offensive coordinator, Greg Roman. I think the Bills are still a mess but manage to play a close game against the Cardinals. In the end, the superior team comes out on top. I’m picking the Cardinals (Bills) ❌

Raiders @ Titans – The Raiders and Titans have both had up-and-down games this season but I think the Raiders have the superior roster in the superior coaching which ultimately wins them the game. I’m picking the Raiders (Titans) ✔️

Redskins @ Giants – The Redskins have looked bad while the Giants look like the class of the NFC East so far, but games in this division tend to be a toss-up. I want to pick the Redskins as my upset of the week, but I don’t have enough faith in them to do so. I think we’re seeing a full franchise collapse, from the coaching staff, to the secondary, to the quarterback. I’m picking the Giants (Giants) ❌

Browns @ Dolphins – The Browns are having a nightmare season, even by their standards. Losing their top 2 starting QBs and now their rookie WR Corey Coleman for an extended amount of time leaves them picking up scraps to try and fill a roster. The Dolphins need this game to save their season and it’s the perfect time to have the Browns on your schedule. I’m picking the Dolphins (Browns) ✔️

Ravens @ Jaguars – The Ravens stole one from the Browns last week when they probably should’ve lost, while the Jaguars were busy getting their ass whipped by the Chargers. Gus Bradley is lucky he wasn’t fired on the spot after that game but he can’t have too many poor performances like that and keep his job. This team is up against the wall right now, so I’m picking the Jaguars (Jaguars) ❌

Lions @ Packers – The Lions and Packers both had let down game last week. Aaron Rodgers has literally been putting up numbers comparable to Blaine Gabbert. The poor Lions are going to take the wrath of Aaron Rogers this week. I’m picking the Packers (Lions) ✔️

Broncos @ Bengals  The Broncos have continued to win with the defense, masking Trevor Siemian at quarterback. I think they run into a team that can equal them in defense yet has a much superior offense this week. I’m picking the Bengals (Bengals) ❌

Vikings @ Panthers – Sam Bradford looked really impressive on Sunday night against the Packers, but the Vikings lost Adrian Peterson to a torn meniscus and they placed LT Matt Kalil on injured reserve. In what should be a very low scoring game, I’m picking the Panthers (Panthers) ❌

Rams @ Buccaneers – The Buccaneers came back to earth last week when they had to face the Cardinals hybrid defense, while the Rams season was pretty much made by winning their home opener in LA against the rival Seahawks. Jeff Fisher doesn’t get to 7-9 by winning back-to-back games. I’m picking the Buccaneers (Rams) ❌

49ers @ Seahawks – The 49ers defense is been surprisingly tough this season and the Seahawks looked really bad against the Rams last week. The Rams seem to have the Seahawks’ number and the Seahawks seem to have the 49ers’ number. I’m picking the Seahawks (Seahawks) ✔️

Jets @ Chiefs – The Jets offense looked really good against the Bills, but that could’ve been more of a product of how badly the Ryan Bros have messed up the Bills defense. The Chiefs struggled against the Texans, but it seemed more like the ball was literally bouncing the Texans way every time. That doesn’t happen at Arrowhead. I’m picking the Chiefs (Jets) ✔️

Chargers @ Colts – The Chargers have surprised me with their dominance in both games this year, minus the fourth quarter against the Chiefs. I was riding the Colts bandwagon hard at the beginning at the season but I have jumped off quickly. That’ll probably bite me in the ass this week, but I’m picking the Chargers (Chargers) ❌

Steelers @ Eagles – This battle for Pennsylvania is actually a pretty interesting one considering both teams are 2-0. Carson Wentz has been really impressive in his two starts, but the Steelers are one of the best teams in the league and I think their defense is very underrated and brings the rookie quarterback down to earth. I’m picking the Steelers (Steelers) ❌

Bears @ Cowboys – The Bears got embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the Eagles. I think the Bears are going to be competing with the Browns all season long for the number one overall pick. I’m picking the Cowboys (Bears) ✔️

Falcons @ Saints – These Falcons vs Saints games always seem to be on Monday night and never disappoint. Don’t pick against Drew Brees in the Superdome on a national stage. I’m picking the Saints (Saints) ❌

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