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Man vs Madden 2016 Weekly NFL Pick’em

By on October 6, 2016

Well that was embarrassing… My week 1 picks were almost as bad as the Rams offensive line. There were 6 games were decided by 2 points or less that could have gone either way, so I’m not too disappointed with my picks considering, but nonetheless going 5-11 vs 9-7 in the opening week of the season is not what I had in mind.


Madden and I disagree on most of the picks this week so it’s going to be an important week in deciding how long I continue to embarrass myself trying to compete with Madden in picking games.

Here are my picks for Week 2 with the Madden simulation picks in parentheses:

Jets @ Bills   The only thing that looked worse than the Bills in week 1 was Darrelle Revis. Andy Dalton and AJ Green picked on Revis Island all day and Dalton had a perfect 158.3 passer rating when throwing to Green when he was covered by Revis. Last time we saw Revis, he was getting burned in a similar fashion by Sammy Watkins. Father Time is undefeated and Revis has lost a step. The Jets haven’t won in Buffalo since 2011 and Rex Ryan took it to his old team twice last year. I’m picking the Bills 


49ers @ Panthers – The 49ers looked good against the Rams, but the Panthers are one of the elite teams in the NFL. The 49ers defense might help keep the score of this game down, but I’m picking the Panthers ✔ (PANTHERS)

Cowboys @ Redskins – The Redskins didn’t provide us with the matchup that everyone was looking in Week 1 by keeping Josh Norman from covering Antonio Brown. Hopefully this week they allow him to move around more to be able to shadow Dez Bryant because things got heated between these two on Thanksgiving last year. The Giants defensive line won the matchup against the Cowboys highly-regarded offensive line last week, but I expect them to step it up this week and be more effective in the running game against the Redskins. I’m picking the Cowboys✔ (REDSKINS)

Bengals @ Steelers – An early claim to the AFC North makes this one of the bigger games of the week. The Bengals looked good, but the Steelers looked even better. Antonio Brown is going to be hard to stop this season. Hopefully the Bengals have a better gameplan than the Redskins, but just to be safe, I’m still picking the Steelers✔  (STEELERS)

Saints @ Giants – Remember the last time these two teams matched up, Eli Manning and Drew Brees threw for a combined 13 TDs? Hopefully they can replicate that exciting game this week. Drew Brees can still sling it around and the Saints lost a nail biter in the metronome last week when Raiders HC Jack Del Rio made the ballsiest call of the weekend to go for 2 and win the game. I liked the Saints last week because Drew Brees is still effective in the Metrodome, but get Brees outdoors and he isn’t nearly as effective.  I’m picking the Giants ✔ (SAINTS)

Dolphins @ Patriots – The Dolphins lost a heartbreaker in Seattle, but that should be a confidence builder for them. They have talent, they just fell short of executing. Jimmy Garappolo played better than I expected against the Cardinals and if you saw my full season predictions, I think pretty highly of their defense. In those predictions, I picked the Dolphins, but I was really impressed in how the Patriots beat the Cardinals without Brady, Gronk, or Nate Solder. I’m picking the Patriots ✔ (DOLPHINS)

Chiefs @ Texans – The Chiefs didn’t realize the preseason was over until the 4th quarter against the Chargers. The way Philip Rivers picked their defense apart makes me think I’ve overrated The Chiefs defense going into this season. The Texans looked really good against the Bears and their offense has potential to be one of the league’s best, but let’s pause before anointing them AFC South champions because the Bears are not very good. Regardless, I’m on the Texans bandwagon for at least another week. I’m picking the Texans ✔ (CHIEFS)

Titans @ Lions – The Titans looked bad. I mean really bad. Now keep in mind the Vikings defense is a top 5 unit IMO, but there’s no reason to lose your home opener to a Shaun Hill quarterbacked team, especially when you shut down Adrian Peterson like that. Matthew Stafford didn’t look like he missed Megatron one bit against the Colts depleted secondary. We could see a bounce back game from the Titans here, but I’m picking the Lions ❌ (TITANS)

Ravens @ Browns – The Ravens looked better than I expected and the Browns looked the way I should’ve expected. RG3 is already on IR with an injury to his non-throwing shoulder, but the Browns offense was not that impressive against the Eagles anyways. Besides the Terrell Pryor catch, the offensive highlights are pretty hard to find. I’m picking the Ravens ✔ (RAVENS)

Seahawks @ Rams – The Rams are 3-1 against the Seahawks in the past two seasons and Russell Wilson is coming off a sprained ankle. This game has upset special written all over it, but I’m not confident enough in the Rams offensive line to get the job done this year. I’m picking the Seahawks ❌ (SEAHAWKS)

Buccaneers @ Cardinals – I expected a big season from Jameis Winston, but thought it would take a few weeks to get into a groove, but he picked apart The Falcons secondary like a seasoned vet. The Cardinals underestimated the Patriots last week and I look for a bounce back game for them and the secondary is better than the Falcons. I’m picking the Cardinals ✔ (BUCCANEERS)

Jaguars @ Chargers – Last week, I picked against the Jaguars and Chargers but I expected them both to play well I do in my full season predictions. The loss of Keenan Allen coincided with the Chargers collapse last week and I think their offense continues to slip without enough threats in the passing game. I’m picking the Jaguars ❌ (CHARGERS)

Falcons @ Raiders – The Falcons were picked apart by Jameis Winston and the Bucs last week and the Raiders are coming off a big win in New Orleans were Derek Carr had his way with the Saints secondary. I expect those trends to continue in another high scoring game. I’m picking the Raiders ❌ (FALCONS)

Colts @ Broncos – The Colts secondary is in bad shape and their offense isn’t going to be able to put up points at will against this Broncos defense. I’m picking the Broncos ✔ (BRONCOS)

Packers @ Vikings – Adrian Peterson hasn’t rushed for over 100 yards in a season opener since 2009, so don’t panic and think he’s fallen off. He just takes some time to warm up. Sam Bradford is probably getting the start at QB this week and the Vikings are going to need a big game from him to open things up for AP to get going. But apparently Aaron Rodgers is throwing TDs this year while getting sacked, so I’m picking the Packers ❌ (PACKERS)

Eagles @ Bears – Even though it was against the Browns, Carson Wentz looked really good in Week 1. Luckily for him, the Bears are almost just as bad. I’m picking the Eagles ✔ (BEARS)

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