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Man vs Madden 2016 Weekly NFL Pick’em

By on October 6, 2016

Welcome to the Week 1 Edition of the 2016 Man vs Madden Challenge where I am going to pick NFL games each week and compete against Madden simulations using the most updated rosters to see who can predict NFL games over the course of the season more accurately, Man or Madden.

Because we had to wait until Sept. 9th for the roster updates, I wasn’t able to do this before the Panthers vs Broncos, but I’ll take the L on that one because I definitely picked the Panthers because I didn’t trust the Broncos QB Trevor Siemian and honestly I still don’t trust him after that game.

Alright, let’s check out these week 1 match-ups!

Packers @ Jaguars – The Jaguars are one of the up and coming teams in the NFL and I think they do pretty well this season, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are going to be on a mission also and it’s going to take a few weeks for all the new pieces of that Jags defense to start to gel. I’m picking the Packers 

Bills @ Ravens – I’m a big fan of the Bills this season. I know they are off to a rough start with injuries and suspensions, but I think the Tyrod Taylor-Sammy Watkins duo could be special. Joe Flacco’s knee is recovered from ACL surgery, but it’s not going to be quite ELITE status yet and the Ravens are going to be starting too many rookies on the OL to compete with the Ryan Bros. blitzing schemes. I’m picking the Bills ❌

Bears @ Texans – The Texans offense is going to be fun to watch this season. Not too many people are high on Brock Osweiler, but I’m a fan of Bill O’Brien and I think that Osweiler and him are going to be a good fit. The Bears defense should be improved this year, and Kevin White should be a solid addition to their offense, but they still lack talent and will drafting in the top 5 next year. I’m picking the Texans 

Browns @ Eagles – This game is a battle of bad teams. The Eagles are going to start Carson Wentz, despite him looking shaky in the preseason. For his development, this is probably their best move and the Browns are not a great team themselves, but RG3 and Co. are going to come out guns blazing and I think they manage to steal an early one from the Eagles. I’m picking the Browns for my UPSET of the WEEK ❌

Buccaneers @ Falcons – The Falcons seem to have a ton of talent but Matt Ryan is the most bipolar QB in the league. He’ll either start hot and get cold as the season progresses, or vice versa. And I really like Jameis Winston this year and think he’s going to take the next step as an NFL QB. However, I’m picking the bipolar Falcons ❌

Vikings @ Titans – Trading a 1st for Sam Bradford was the most desperate move in recent history. Shaun Hill gets the start in week 1, but regardless who is the QB, he’s not being asked to do much more than hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson and let the defense do what it does best. It will be interesting to see if Marcus Mariota improves as much as I expect from Jameis Winston in his 2nd season. With the upgraded running game wearing down the Vikings D, I’m picking the Titans ❌

Bengals @ Jets – I expect both of these teams to step back this season with other teams around them improving, while they remained somewhat stagnant. I think the Bengals are going to start the season slow and lose an early one. I’m picking the Jets❌

Raiders @ Saints – The Raiders are another up and coming team, while the Saints are a declining team with Drew Brees getting ready for one of his last seasons. I’m actually really high on the Raiders and really low on the Saints, but I think this early season matchup favors the Saints in the Metronome. I’m picking the Saints❌ 

Chargers @ Chiefs – The Chargers and Chiefs are two teams I expect to be better than a lot of other people are predicting this season. The Chiefs defense will carry them, especially once they get Justin Houston back, but they won’t need him in this matchup with the Chargers. I’m picking the Chiefs

Dolphins @ Seahawks – Despite the Dolphins arrow pointing up in my opinion, this isn’t a tough pick. I’m picking the Seahawks as my LOCK of the WEEK 

Lions @ Colts – The Lions are replacing Calvin Johnson with Marvin Jones and a shell of Anquan Boldin. This drop-off might not be as bad as you think, but I think the Matthew Stafford is a little exposed now that he can’t get bailed out by Megatron to keep drives alive. The Colts are healthy and ready for a bounce-back season. I’m picking the Colts ❌

Giants @ Cowboys – This should be one of the better games of the week. The Giants spent big money on that defense this offseason, but for the most part ignored their offensive line, while it’s quite the opposite for the Cowboys. Their OL remains solid and their defensive line has a lot of question marks. The Cowboys will be starting a rookie QB and RB, but have so much veteran leadership around them that they take care of the Giants while they figure things out on D. I’m picking the Cowboys ❌

Patriots @ Cardinals – The Jimmy Garapolo era is going to start off with a tough matchup in the desert. I’ve heard some Patriots fans say that Belichick will have a plan for stopping Chandler Jones, but my question is if he focuses so much on Jones, how is he going to stop the rest of the defense? Because Arizona is loaded on D. The Patriots are prepared to be overmatched in this game, and I think that’s the reason that Gronk didn’t even make the trip. I’m picking the Cardinals ❌

Steelers @ Redskins – In my full season predictions, I have the Steelers only having 3 losses and this is one of them. Le’Veon Bell will miss their first 3 games and the Steelers won’t be at full strength until then and the Redskins should be a confident team as the defend their NFC East title. I’m picking the Redskins ❌

Rams @ 49ers – This is the 1st battle for the rights to the #1 overall pick tiebreaker. Titans fans will be rooting for the Rams to lose every game this year because they own their 1st round pick. Lucky for them, the Rams offensive line is going to be poorly matched against the 49ers DL. I’m picking the 49ers ✔


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Here are the Madden Simulations for Week 1:
















Stay tuned for next week’s picks!

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