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Top 10 Most Overpaid Players in the NFL

By on December 17, 2014

There is a long list of players in NFL history that have signed high-paying deals, only to underperform the moment the ink dries on their new contract. Most players continue to act as professionals, but for those that get complacent or can’t stay healthy get to be shamed on a list of the most overpaid players in the NFL.


#10 – Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson

2014 Base Salary: $10,000,000 (T-2nd highest among Wide Receivers)

Buccaneers Vincent Jackson - Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of the inconsistencies at Quarterback, Vincent Jackson (70 receptions, 1002 yards, 2 TDs) was flat-out been outplayed by his rookie counterpart, Mike Evans (68 receptions, 1051 yards, 12 TDs), most noticeably in the TD department. Jackson’s base salary drops slightly to $9,777,777 in 2015, but after trade rumors at the trade deadline it’s more likely the Buccaneers to move him to a contender in the offseason.

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