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NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2018 🔥💺

By on May 7, 2018

Before we know it the 2018 NFL Season will be here, but there are some coaches that are already feeling the heat… and it’s not from the summer sun. A coach being on the hot seat doesn’t mean their season is doomed, or that they are destined to get fired. Some of these coaches are going to use that heat to light a fire up under their team and make a quick turnaround, while some won’t make it to week 17.


🔥 Pete Carroll – It’s more likely that Pete Carroll would be “requested” to retire rather than fired, but it’s not unrealistic for the Seahawks to be considering a new head coach in 2019. Pete Carroll has allowed one of the deepest rosters in the league wither away to Russell Wilson and some other guys. The downfall of the Seahawks goes back to the interception in the Super Bowl and they haven’t recovered since. They tried to change their identity to a pass 1st offense and it’s just not who they are.

🔥 Jason Garrett – Jason Garrett is a year removed from COY and after a down season, he retained two coordinators that many thought didn’t deserve the chance. Garrett might be able to use them as scapegoats this year if the Cowboys underachieve again, but Garrett’s chances are running out. This Cowboys roster has been too talented during his tenure for only one playoff win.

🔥 Mike McCarthy – The Packers missed the playoffs for 1st time in a decade, so Mike McCarthy better have them ready to rebound. For a Super Bowl winning coach McCarthy doesn’t seem to get the credit some might think he deserves, but when you have whom many consider to be the most talented player at the most important position in the game, people are going to expect greater results. As long as Aaron Rodgers stays healthy this year, the Packers should be better than last year and he can keep his job.

🔥 Jay Gruden – The Redskins are starting a new era and they’ve hitched their wagon to Alex Smith. The defense is going to have to be the strong side of the ball for this offense to work. Gruden has earned the right to be able to try things with Alex Smith this year and a QB prospect of his choice next year, but this dysfunctional FO may cut ties sooner than later if they don’t get offensive production.

🔥 Vance Joseph – Vance Joseph was almost one and done in Denver. He’s a defensive guy, and the defense fell apart. Bradley Chubb could be the cure to their defensive woes, but the QB situation is still a concern. It’s an unfair situation for him to be in, but John Elway is an impatient guy and won’t sit through another down season for the Broncos without making sweeping changes.

🔥 Adam Gase – Adam Gase may have waited too long for a culture change in Miami. He’s supposed to be an offensive genus but if the offense isn’t productive this year, he might be looking for an OC job in 2019. Ryan Tannehill is getting a chance to rebound and could be a comeback player of the year candidate, but he’s just as likely to be cut in the 2019 offseason after his restructure made it easier for the Dolphins to get out of his contract.

🔥 Marvin Lewis – Marvin Lewis is an annual member of the coaches hot seat. He’s the President of the Coaches Hot Seat Club, but somehow he sneaks past the guillotine every single year. I mean, Marvin Lewis has been the Bengals HC for 15 years and has ZERO PLAYOFF WINS! ZERO!!! I really feel like this is his final chance though. It’s too early for predictions, but one of my early predictions for 2018 is that the Bengals completely fall apart and do a clean sweep there and Marvin Lewis & Andy Dalton will both be replaced moving forward.

🔥 Hue Jackson – Hue Jackson has gone 1-31 in 2 seasons with the Browns. Any other team would have fired him after the 1st season, and this might seem like a conspiracy theory, but I believe the Browns were low-key tanking in their 0-16 season. They needed the draft capital to make the upcoming turnaround. I don’t think that Hue Jackson is as bad of a coach as his record shows and we’re really going to see them turn it on this year and win…wait for it… like 6 or 7 games in 2018.


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