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NFLRT Rundown: Week 1

By on September 8, 2014

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The Good

DeAngelo Williams’ Pink Dreads

It’s well known that the NFL adopts the color pink in the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but there was already a touch of pink during the first week of the season.

Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams lost his mother to cancer this offseason and died his dreads pink to honor her.

Panthers DeAngelo Hall via @NFL Twitter


The Atlanta Falcons

This NFC South matchup was a battle of the QBs. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees duked it out for 3 hours in a game that had the best QB play of any other matchup.

Drew Brees 29/42 333 Yards 1 TD 1 INT 0 Sacks

Matt Ryan 31/43 448 Yards 3 TDs 0 INTs 1 Sack

Seeing the Falcons keep up with the high powered Saints offense was impressive, considering the offensive line woes they were expected to have. The Saints defense may need more time to gel, because they got torched.

The deciding play of the game came in overtime when Saints WR Marques Colston fumbled and the Falcons only needed to kick the field goal to win the shootout.



Dolphins Upset the Patriots

The Dolphins were considered for no more than a 4th place finish in the AFC East coming into 2014, but on a hot Miami day they were able to take down the perennial favorite Patriots. After finding themselves down 10 to Tom Brady & Co. in the first half, the Dolphins kciked into 2nd gear and played much more sound football. The Dolphins new RB Knowshon Moreno carried the team on his back, rushing for 134 yards and 2 TDs in the game. Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace seemed to click much more in the 2nd half. They will be a duo to keep an eye on as the season progresses.        


Vikings Stomp on Wounded Rams

The Vikings came out and destroyed the Rams in a way that made Matt Cassel look like a legitimate QB (2 TDs; 0 INTs). It sure helps when a QB has Adrian Peterson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Greg Jennings, and Kyle Rudolph to throw the ball to.

In a game where Adrian Peterson was held in check (21 rushes for 75 yards; 0 TDs), Cordarrelle Patterson started the year right where he left off in his rookie season (3 catches for 26 yards; 3 rushes for 102 yards, including a 67 yard TD run in which he broke countless tackles.




Titans Upset the Chiefs

The Titans have been an afterthought in the NFL since Vince Young committed career suicide with his Tennessee exit. This year they have a new HC, RB, and their young QB may finally stay healthy for an entire season. Jake Locker and Justin Hunter are going to be clipping at the heels of the Colts and Texans in the AFC South all year.        


The Bad


Jadeveon Clowney injury

The Texans defense looked really good, but losing Jadeveon Clowney to a torn meniscus is definitely a blow to the team and his career. Clowney is only expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Hopefully he recovers quickly and can get this “Hall of Fame career” started.



The St. Louis Rams

While you can understand the Rams struggling on offense after losing their starting QB to a torn ACL right before the season starts, but their effort against the Vikings is going to get HC Jeff Fisher fired. Replacement QB, Shaun Hill, saw the writing on the wall for the Rams and got out of the game early with “injury” and 2nd year QB Austin Davis had to come in just to be sacked 4 times and throw an INT. The Rams are the early favorite to end up with the #1 overall pick. The video below is the Rams lone highlight.

The Ugly

Tony Romo and the Cowboys

The Cowboys come into this season with one of the worst defenses on paper, so they know they will have to be great on offense. So naturally, the Cowboys offense comes out and sets their defense up for failure with 4 turnovers in the first half; Romo accounted for 3 of them. Tony Romo never looked focused and was throwing balls into double, triple, and even quadruple coverage.




Chiefs lose game & Derrick Johnson

The Chiefs had a huge turnaround in 2013, but after one game this year they may be due to fall back to earth this season. Alex Smith recently got paid for his ability to run Andy Reid’s offense and not turn the ball over; he had 3 INTs on Sunday. The Defense was one of the top in the league last year; the Titans had over 400 yards of offense.

To add injury to insult, the Chiefs lost defensive captain and team leader, Derrick Johnson to a torn achilles.

Chiefs Derrick Johnson via USATSI

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