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5 Reasons to Hate Roger Goodell

By on September 14, 2014

Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue as the commissioner of the NFL, 25 years after talking his way into a job as a New York Jets intern. While some of the changes he has made have been beneficial for the league (concussion protocol, expanding fan base to Europe, improving the ProBowl, etc.), for the most part Roger Goodell has been ruining the NFL since 2006.

Oh yeah, and Roger Goodell made $44 Million while doing it last year.

Here are the top-5 reasons to hate Roger Goodell:

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#5 – Roger Goodell assigning himself the role of NFL Judge & Jury

In 2007, Adam “PacMan” Jones & Chris Henry were the first players to test the new conduct policy Goodell installed. While other guys, like James Harrison, quickly landed on Goodell’s speed dial and saw massive fines accumulate for random acts  of aggression on the field. When Goodell installed the player safety initiative in 2012, Harrison was fined for a total of $120,000 for helmet-to-helmet hits and unnecessary roughness penalties.



Harrison still has ill feeling towards Goodell from their history together:


The NFL needed some more discipline on and off the field, but the fines and suspensions had no consistency and Goodell suspended whomever he deemed deserving without giving the fans any kind of formula to understand his process. Harrison’s teammate, Tory Polamalu stated that he understood the need for the new rules, but felt as though the commissioner had too much power and control over suspensions and was making wrong choices on who to punish.


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