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5 Reasons to Hate Roger Goodell

By on September 14, 2014

#1 – Roger Goodell doesn’t care about Domestic Abuse


The recent Ray Rice suspension was criticized for being only two games when he knocked out his fiancée, but that was twice as many games as usual for similar acts of violence towards women.

If you take a look at the history of domestic abuse in the NFL since Goodell has become the commissioner it becomes clear that the problem is not only the players and their actions, but the guy that sets the standards for disciplinary action.

There have been 56 instances of domestic abuse since Goodell took over in 2006, but only 13 games of total suspensions for the players involved (not including Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension) and over 20 of the alleged acts of abuse have had charges mysteriously dropped.

Ben Roethlisberger was suspended 6 games when he faced rape allegations, but the suspension was dropped to 4 games.

The following are the most notable acts of abuse and their lack of worthy discipline under Roger Goodell’s tenure as NFL Commissioner:

2007 – Buccaneers RB Lionel Gates assaulted a pregnant woman – no punishment

2008 – Broncos TE Daniel Graham had harassment charges disappear and WR Jerome Mathis choked his pregnant girlfriend and somehow the charges were also dropped. No punishment from the NFL in either account.

However, Broncos WR Brandon Marshall was a repeat offender and was suspended one game after his 2nd domestic abuse charge in as many years.

Raiders CB Fabian Washington, Seahawks DT Rocky Bernard, Falcons LB Michael Boley, and Chiefs RB Larry Johnson all had one-game suspensions for their acts against women during the 2008 season. Larry Johnson needed a much harsher punishment to open his eyes about the serious nature that is domestic violence because he went on to commit multiple acts against women in the following years.

DE Darion Scott was a free agent when he pleaded guilty to putting a dry cleaning bag over his 2-year old son’s head. Scott eventually signed with the Redskins, but faced NO PUNISHMENT. 

2009 –  Chargers DE Shawne Merriman choked his girlfriend Tila Tequila and received no punishment. Ravens DE Terrell Suggs and Brandon Marshall also had charges dropped and received no punishment from the league.

2010 – Buccaneers Safety Jermaine Phillips was forced to join the diversion program as his legal punishment, but faced no punishment from the league for trying to choke his wife during an argument.

Dolphins DT Tony McDaniel pleaded no contest to shoving his girlfriend, whose head hit the pavement, and received only a one-game suspension.

Seahawks LB Leroy Hill also received a one-game suspension for assaulting his girlfriend.

Saints DE Will Smith grabbed his wife’s hair during a verbal dispute outside of a nightclub and received no punishment.

2011 – Vikings CB was acquitted of charges for domestic assault, but the Vikings suspended for the rest of the season since Goodell probably wouldn’t have suspended him at all.

2014 – Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald and Adrian Peterson all have been involved in acts of abuse, regardless of legal action thus far, and Roger Goodell has barely even given them a slap on the wrist.

The only reason Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely was because the public finally saw the video footage of him knocking out his future wife.

It took 56 acts of domestic abuse for Goodell to change the NFL abuse policy? If not for the stimulating video evidence, would Ray Rice be ready to suit up again?

Roger Goodell is an asshole that needs to be removed from his position as the NFL commissioner.


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