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Super Bowl 50 – Broncos vs Panthers Official NFLRT Madden 16 Simulation

By on January 26, 2016

It’s time to start a new tradition…Video Screen Shot 1:26:16, 1.36 AM 1

Super Bowl 50 will represent the first ever NFLRT Madden Super Bowl Simulation!

Video Screen Shot 1:26:16, 1.36 AM

This was the first and only simulation of the game between the Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos and you might be surprised at the outcome of the game. Maybe experience will be a contributing factor in this one…(spoiler alert!)

Video Screen Shot 1:26:16, 1.40 AM

Also, I added a few things to make the game more entertaining!

Video Screen Shot 1:26:16, 2.04 AM

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